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Onírica (Navaridas)

Onirica Dossier.jpg
Onirica Dossier2.jpg

Barcelona Blue : Concept Sketch (Navaridas/Yamada)

During the pandemic lockdown, Navaridas and Yamada started the concept sketch of the new work by sending each other work-in-progress materials.

Slow Room (Yamada/Drake)

Slow Room is an audio visual collaboration between composer Reiko Yamada and photographer Carolyn Drake. The experiment began when the artists visited a WWII-era ammunition bunker on Mare Island, a former naval shipyard near Drake’s home in California. Entranced by the echoes that reverberated when she interacted with the concrete interior of the bunker, Yamada recorded a series of sound sequences. Drake returned in the hours before dawn and made still photos in the dark landscape outside the bunker. The resulting piece is a slowly-built conversation recalling the artists’ distinct encounters with a place where pieces of past and present, nature and technology, sound and sight, mix and repeat.

Premiered at:

Misbits / Oxford Film Festival, February 7th, 2019

One minute excerpt is found below. The full version is available upon request.

Reflective (Yamada)

Reflective is a series of site-specific sound art installations in which Yamada explore the aesthetic concept of imperfection through interactivity. Affecting the composition through sensors (kinect, ultrasonic sensors and/or piezo microphones) that measure the movements of the body, each visitor creates a unique version of a multi-channel acousmatic composition. Through this interactive process, Reflective offers an intimate-scale reflection on the relationship between decisions, actions and consequences. Each site-specific work is made unique by the sound source materials and hardwares that best accommodates each venue.

Exhibited at:


The Metropolitan Museum of Arts, The Met Breuer, New York, NY, March 2016 (Collaborative work with Vijay Iyer)

Johnson-Kulukundis Family Gallery, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, January 2016 (Collaborative work with Vijay Iyer)

Bozarts Gallery, Water Valley, MS, April 2015

CheLA/conDiT, Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 2014

Le CouveNt, Auzits, France, July 2014

Featured in:

Harvard Gazette

La Dépêche (texts in French)

conDit Youtube channel


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