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Reiko Yamada

composer & sound artist

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Once upon a time, multiple tuning systems existed in the Western world. Their coexistence made creating music inconvenient, unpractical, time-consuming and diverse. Then, over the centuries, they were gradually all replaced by a single system called equal temperament.

If we, as musicians and listeners, unreflectively accept equal temperament as the only possible tuning system, what else do we accept in the same way?

Using a special organ that allows performer to change its tuning in real time, Aleksey Vylegzhanin (organ) Barbara Lüneburg (violin) and Christina Lederhaas (performance) expose themselves to the possibilities and the vulnerabilities that appear when navigating between multiple tuning systems.

Compositions for organ, violin and fixed media by Reiko Yamada (Styrian-Artist-in-Residence) and movements by Christina Lederhaas
Premiered: June 6th, 2018 at 20h
Zentrum für Orgelforschung (ZfO) der Kunstuniversität Graz

Live streaming: June 2- 16, 2021

524288=531441 für Violine und E-Orgel

Barbara Lüneburg (violin), Aleksey Vylegzhanin (E-organ)

1/12 Komma für hybrid organ solo

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Aleksey Vylegzhanin (22.2 channel organ)

7:8 für Tänzerin und Elektronik

Christina Lederhaas (performance) with 8 channel surround audio

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