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with the support of the STARTS Residencies Project as part of the STARTS initiative of the European Commission 


Beyond Absolute is the creation of personalized acousmatic soundscapes based on the data generated by the LUCA diagnostic device in conjunction with sonic alterations that represent the subjective mindset of the thyroid cancer patients. The title of the project refers both to the representational character of the project (as opposed to absolute music), but also to the effort it makes to transcend, without denying, the objective physiological measurements at the root of modern scientific medicine.

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Project information:

Composer-in-residency 2019-2020 at Phonos (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

STARTS residency


Art as a driver of technological innovation: the STARTS initiative

Public presentation:

As part of her collaboration with Phonos, Reiko Yamada will offer a lecture/performance in collaboration with vocalist Ilona Schneider. November 26th 2019, at 19:30 in room 55.003 (Campus UPF Poblenou, Roc Boronat 138).

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