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Selected Media Features



85% Broken, Documentary film featuring the broken accordion project, Blue Magnolia Films and Corner To Corner Productions (2014)

Video Interviews

Video feature on the project, Beyond Absolute, by ICFO (2020)

Video interview on the project, Beyond Absolute, by S+T+ARTS (2020)

Video interview with Natural Aristocrat  on Sound Installation with silent films and broken accordions (2020)

Orgelfrühling Steiermark 2021 Portrait Interview (2021)

Video Interview on Reflective (Argentina - English, 2014)


Newspaper and Web Articles

The Harvard Gazette "Striving for imperfection" (2014)

Boston Globe “An evening of experiment with Lorelei and Boston Percussion Group”  review on Mask your sonic story (May 14, 2016)

The Boston Musical Intelligencer “Experiencing Legends, Visions, and Fantasies” review on Mask your sonic story (May 16, 2016)

The Boston Musical Intelligencer “Inaugural for Town’s Favorite Criers”  review on New Shadows in the Raw Light of Darkness (September 15, 2019)

Performance Reviews on New Shadows in Raw Light of Darkness - string orchestra Boston Globe

Interpreting RNA sequence as sounds, Colorado College, video article

ULYSSES platform, web article interview “Art as a driver of technological innovation: the STARTS initiative”(September 23, 2019)

Physics Today, publication Volume 74, Issue 4 (01 April 2021) “Mingling art and science opens minds


Physics Today, publication Volume 74, Issue 4 Commentary & Review (01 April 2021) “Art, sound and science

Dance Informa web feature article “In the background: Noh theater and Armitage Gone! Dance’s ‘You Took a Part of Me’ (September 2019)

Short web interview on Beyond Absolute by LUCA (Spain - English)

University of Graz web article “Musik mit Mücken" on Small Small Things (March 24, 2017)

Other Announcements


Fellow, Radcliffe Institute at Harvard University

Composer-in-Residency, Phonos Foundation

Innovator-in-Residence, Colorado College

Sound Installation on Silent Films by Japan Society, video announcement

Invited Talk - Women and Creative Process: What science can learn from arts



Podcast, Los Archivos Phonos #16: Conversación con Reiko Yamada (2021)

KVNF Public Radio (Colorado), In the Classical Tradition, Live interview (November 2014)


RadioTempsRodez107FM (France), Interview for the project “Reflective” (August 2014)


WGBH Boston Radio, Live Performance and Interview (May 2009)


Featured Composer, No Extra Notes podcast (September 2009)

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