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Reiko Yamada

composer & sound artist

Instruments of Desire (2022-2023)

supported by Pair Residency, VV Foundation, Mixtur Festival, Santa Monica Museum

Composers are naturally constrained by the physical limitations imposed by musical instruments and the acoustical constraints of human hearing. However, through the use of various ephemeral materials and characters, the artist transcends the boundaries of conventional musical creation, pushing the limits of what musical instruments can be. Each composition becomes a daring exploration, reaching the edge of extreme imagination.

Drawing inspiration from the intricate blend of materials, Instruments of Desire, the soundless compositions become a harmonious interplay between the tangible and the ethereal. The series invites us to listen with open ears and open hearts, as the artist pushes the boundaries of human perception and reaches for the infinite horizons of musical expression.

Currently in the group exhibit La possibilitat de no haver sigut at Santa Monica Museum (Barcelona)

Closing performance on January 25 at 20h

Special Thanks to...

Vita and Vilnis (VV Foundation) for believing in this project

Oriol and Oliver (MIxtur Festival) for trusting me and all the beautiful things you do through your festival

Carolyn Drake and Andres Gonzales for the friendship and much-needed advice on printing, framing, and exhibiting

Maciej Lewenstein (ICFO) for the gift of time and financial support

Voldemars for connecting me to Pair Residency and its wonderful people (Sintija!)

Maria Gracia (EGM) and Gemma Bilbao (Emmarcadors de Gràcia) for your excellent eyes on printing and framing

Marina and Roger (Santa Monica) for your efficient support and execution with the exhibition

Megumi for the inspiration with pearls and Abderrahim with membranes

Sisters of the Harmonic Constellation for reassuring discussions

Darta Sidere for gifting me with the natural clay, and showing me the art of flower crown making

Anna Dzerve for generously helping me with photo-shooting

Antoine for the help with photographing and everything else you do for me


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